Times Tables Rock Stars


Times Table Rockstars is an interactive way for children to learn and practise their times tables and division facts. Each child in Key Stage 2 has their own username and log in, which they can access through the website www.ttrockstars.com. This is something that will be rolled out to Key Stage 1 later on in the year. Once they have logged in they are given a certain amount of time to go through as many calculations as possible, their teacher will have set the appropriate times tables for each child. The children collect coins by answering correctly, these can then be used to buy different items for their ‘Rockstar’. These skills are then put into practise through their superhero times table tests, which during Fridays assembly the children who have passed a test will be read out with a certificate and badge handed out in class. Once they have defeated all the superheroes a certificate is awarded in Fridays assembly.