Welcome to Blue Bell Hill Academy Trust


Blue Bell Hill Academy Trust was established in the founding primary school, serving a rich community in the heart of Nottingham city.  Our mission is simple: we ‘Aim High, Respect and Care for Each Other and we Celebrate Success.

Staff, families, children and the wider community value the special family atmosphere that Blue Bell Hill Academy Trust provides. 

Our passion is that we can all succeed and as a team we do whatever it takes to ensure that everyone reaches their potential.  As part of the family this is all encompassing – our children experience an engaging curriculum, where learning is fun yet challenging.  They are offered a range of learning experiences which support a relentless focus on driving up standards.  We are aided in this through our strong business and community partnerships.

Children in our academy were in the top 10% for progress in 2016.

In order for our children to be successful then our staff need to be better than they believe they can be.  The trust will offer a high quality CPD programme where we can learn from each other and the best local, national and international educational research. If you join the family, you will be challenged – but we also want you to challenge us.  We have a phrase – get out of your comfort zone and into the learning zone - and this is adopted throughout the academy. In this way we all go beyond our potential.   

The trust has a reputation for the pride it takes in its environment.  This is helped by our excellent track record of managing our budget in the current financial climate which is only set to become more challenging.  By working within our budget we have self-funded building projects – including a half million-pound extension to the original school’s reception and foundation unit.  This was in response to the school’s growing reputation in the community and the continual problem of being oversubscribed.

We Aim High for everyone and place an emphasis of having fun along the way!

As a member of Blue Bell Hill Academy Trust – you will be valued and supported.  Schools don’t function without all of their members.  Staff well-being is one the highest priorities for the leadership and management team, and opportunities are regularly sought to improve work load and manage the work life balance of all staff members.

Promoting high morals and exploring values is a fundamental role of educationalists.  We have a reputation for developing our SMSC curriculum. OFSTED says; ‘The academy promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development exceptionally well. There is a strong sense of community throughout the school, which pupils, parents and staff are proud of and happy to share. The curriculum is rich and diverse, and makes a significant contribution towards developing pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding. Pupils’ behaviour is good. Adults’ expectations of pupils’ attitudes to learning and behaviour are high and this results in strong levels of trust and respect between the pupils themselves and towards adults. Pupils feel very safe in this inclusive and harmonious school. They are eager to learn, are very proud of their school. Parents value the friendly environment in which their children learn well.’ 

We are, and always will be, an inclusive trust and our reputation for dealing with challenging behaviour and supporting children with additional needs is well respected.

As a trust, we recognise that schools are unique and will encourage our members to maintain their individuality whilst adopting the proven strategies that Blue Bell Hill Academy Trust has developed.