Blue Bell Hill

Primary School

Our Vision

Aim High - Respect and Care for Each Other – Celebrate Success

Blue Bell Hill Academy Trust Schools will be at the heart of their communities, delivering the very best education, ensuring the highest possible standards and providing a safe, happy and fun environment for all of the community members.


 We aim high;

  • We develop high aspirations in pupils, families, communities, staff, leaders and governors
  • We put everyone’s learning at the centre of all we do
  • We are not complacent and we seek to always improve on what has gone before
  • We provide innovative, creative, challenging and high quality teaching, governance and leadership
  • Our exciting curriculum places a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English and Maths as they are the foundation of learning. It is supported through the use of state-of-the-art technologies.
  • We leave our comfort zones and get into our learning zones
  • We provide a rich curriculum of education and CPD that ensures exciting experiences for all
  • We teach children to be ‘Resourceful’, ‘Resilient’, ‘Reciprocal’ and ‘Reflective’ so they are equipped to be learners and leaders in the future
  • We set challenging targets and expect the entire community to aspire to be the best
  • We have high behaviour expectations for all.

We respect and care for each other

  • We are a team and we believe in partnership
  • We work together as a group of schools to ensure the best outcomes for all our stakeholders
  • We challenge, encourage and support one another so we are the best and provide the best
  • We celebrate the uniqueness that each school community brings
  • We believe that everyone deserves the same respect and should be treated politely
  • We listen to children, staff, parents and the community
  • We get to know every child and adapt and respond to their diverse range of needs
  • We ensure people feel challenged, safe and cared for
  • We build on good practice and share resources and high quality CPD
  • We work in partnership with our families, businesses and the community.

     We celebrate success

    • We encourage pride in our achievements across our Trust
    • We expect our children to do well and the right choices are rewarded
    • When someone succeeds we are pleased for them
    • We share our successes with families and the wider community.