Blue Bell Hill

Primary School

Our Values

Mission Statement


Aim High

Respect and Care for Each Other

Celebrate Success


At Blue Bell Hill we want our school community

to enjoy coming to school, be happy and have fun.


We aim high:

  • We put everyone’s learning at the centre of all we do
  • We provide innovative, creative, challenging and high quality teaching
  • We provide a rich curriculum that ensures exciting experiences for all


  • We teach children to be ‘Resourceful’, ‘Resilient’, ‘Reciprocal’ and ‘Reflective’
  • We set challenging targets and expect the entire school community to aspire to be the best
  • We have high behaviour expectations for all.

We respect and care for each other:

  • We encourage and support one another
  • We believe that everyone deserves the same respect
  • We listen to children, staff, parents and the community
  • We ensure people feel safe and cared for
  • We expect everyone to use good manners and be polite
  • We work in partnership with our families and the community.

We celebrate success:

  • We encourage pride in our achievements both in and out of school
  • When someone succeeds we are pleased for them
  • We share our successes with families and the wider community.